Thierry Henry reacts to Arsenal's UCL loss to Porto! | UCL Today | CBS Sports Golazo

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher and Kate Abdo react to Arsenal’s loss to Porto in the 1st leg of the Champions League round of 16. Peter Schmeichel is then joined by Mikel Arteta.

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38 comentarios en “Thierry Henry reacts to Arsenal's UCL loss to Porto! | UCL Today | CBS Sports Golazo

  1. @Vincentdeoliveira

    I get a bit tired when pundits focus on the English club failure vs actually rating Portuguese performance. Not even big English clubs make arsenal play with 0 shots on target. Porto played better. Local news interviewed arsenal fans in the Ribeira area of Porto. Many confidently and historically rightly so said easy 5-0 win. Artetas post match interview with pathetic excuses.

  2. @AZ10644

    Porto knew we’ve been easily smoking teams 5 & 6 nil recently! The ref WAS dodgy, wasn’t fair AT ALL & destroyed our rhythm on purpose which contributed to us not playing our best & Porto parked the bus! Plus our injuries didn’t help, no full strength starting 11 or squad especially missing Jesus to unlock their low block but fair play Porto scored a very good goal we didn’t deserve the win but we’ll beat them at Emirates!
    COYG 😍

  3. @carlosestevao8244

    A "controlled" game in which they tried to win without a single shot on target?! Come on!! Porto controlled the game, Porto gave the ball to Arsenal away from the goal and Arsenal was lucky not leaving with a 2.0 in the bag. Keep thinking that in the Emirates you'll smash us and you might get the same as last year… Hopefully it will be

  4. @mindsai7

    Carragher offers no insight, just an ultra epl and liverpool cheerleader. Richards is like a circus clown who snuck into a business meeting. Henry and Kate bring all of the value. Replace the other two with non-epl ex pros.

  5. @helderc9419

    Peter, you played in Portugal, are you amazed by the result and how Portuguese teams play?!

    For the panel of commentators, what Portuguese teams do, with the budget they have, compared to the budget of English teams… Arsenal don't sign players, they choose them. Think about it

  6. @2slaza250

    Porto were very good last night. We were not. That said it’s only halftime, I’ve noticed a lot of people online acting as if this is an absolute disaster for Arsenal when we are only 1-0 down with the second leg at home still to come.

  7. @maheshprabhu

    I'm surprised there is no talk about how easily porto players went down on contact and how many fouls were called on arsenal. At one point a porto defender stepped on their keepers feet and the ref stopped play on the corner. That was just laughable.

  8. @EduardoFCSantos

    Porto is an undervalued team by others still, year over year, one of the strongest teams in Champions League. Here we have Champions League heritage and culture. While others spend billions to win the trophy, we have one of the smallest Champions League budget yet sports achievement is high level.
    On this interview they only talked about Arsenal who did not create a chance in the game while Porto, with his lower budget, could have scored already in the first half.

  9. @mitchaelhollingsworth1698

    Look at how long it took man city to finally win the champions league final they had to suffer and grow for years getting knocked out in earlier rounds and losing the final to chelsea before they matured as a team and club enough to win it. Arteta at Arsenal has rebuilt the team and it is a young team that has not yet won the league or the champions league. Even the fa cup win still had players like david luiz, aubamayang, ozil and leno. Arsenal was close under wenger, but they dont have that champions league heritage that other clubs have. So i would not be surprised if they continue to do well and maybe win the premier league, but suffer in the champions league for a few years longer.

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